Earth Day, World Earth Day, is celebrated on April 22 and was created to raise people’s awareness of environmental sustainability and the protection of our planet and raise awareness of the role that each of us must have in taking care of the he environment and the Earth, a planet with limited resources, with ecosystems increasingly under pressure and with natural cycles subject to such sudden changes that it is no longer possible to predict the consequences.

CoccoleBimbi has always based its business on conscious values and sustainable choices, always placing greater attention on the protection of the ecosystem and inviting awareness on environmental issues.

For this particular day we thought we’d tell you about 3 nature-conscious brands that we particularly love: Molo, Stella McCartney and Bobo Choses.


Molo is a Scandinavian brand that was born in 2003 as a high quality clothing brand, with collections full of colors and fun prints. Molo has always had, from the very beginning, a responsible approach throughout the production process.

A continuous search for eco-sustainable and long-lasting materials is the main goal that it sets itself to achieve every day. In fact, all the fabrics used are certified and approved by international standards such as, for example, GOTS certified organic cotton.

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Stella McCartney

Now widely recognized as one of the most eco-sustainable brands in the world, Stella McCartney Kids is one of our favorite sustainable brands.

Always founded on green values, the new collection by the British designer is a celebration of colors and values. A spirited adventure rooted in self-discovery and freedom;

The SS23 is in fact made with 94% consciously fabrics – an exceptional result considering its size and the heterogeneity of the capsule.
Celebrating the beauty of Mother Earth, the campaign was filmed at London’s Barbican Conservatory, connecting a new generation of eco-activists – who dance free amidst the iconic landscape – to more than 1,500 species of plants and trees.

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Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses speaks the language of children. As? By making fun clothing items that allow the little ones to express their personality and their emotions through colors, images and patterns. Each collection revolves around a theme, from poetry to space, making each garment unique in its kind. The light-heartedness of his creations is accompanied by a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment and social values: nothing in the production and choice of materials is left to chance, to minimize the environmental impact of their production.

Bobo Choses SS23 collection is a tribute to colors and nature. Bright and colorful shades and graphic references to nature perfectly reflect the color-block combinations of the items, giving the whole capsule a touch of personality.

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