Eco-friendly and certified Aiab and Cruelty free. Each component is carefully selected, choosing natural raw materials and the packaging is 100% recycled. MySezione Aurea, the Apulian cosmetic line, has all the right ingredients for


A very young girl, in 2015, inspired by the love for natural cosmetics, creates a line of eco-sustainable products for women, men and babies. Why does she choose MySezione Aurea? – The Golden Section is a fascinating and very ancient mathematical constant, proof of an invisible link between macrocosm and microcosm, between divinity and man, between rational thought and the nature that surrounds us. Its products are completely in line with psycho-physical wellbeing and body care.


The line consists of articles for body, face, hair and baby care.

On for example, you can find a nappy changing cream that soothes itching and calms irritated skin.

Hazelnut oil blends perfectly with olive oil and the fragrant organic argan oil and green tea.

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Melissa, cornflower, chamomile and organic oats. 250 ml of perfumed and enveloping detergent that cannot be missing in every mother’s beauty.

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Hydration of the newborn baby’s skin and prevention of stretch marks during and after pregnancy. This 100% natural oil is used to remove the milk crust and to counteract rhagades during breastfeeding. The sweet almond tones combine perfectly with avocado and rice making the oil unique and perfect for your skin.


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