Tavola vegana x World Vegan Day

Celebrating World Vegan Day with a new episode of Tavola Vegana, interviewing CoccoleBimbi’s Art Director Cesare Morisco about his choice of vegan lifestyle. We focused on its benefits on our psycho-physical conditions.  



  • Why did you choose to be vegan? Is it just a food lifestyle or a philosophy of life?


  • My choice about being vegan is a real lifestyle, I decided not to introduce “death animals” in my body anymore. This means to be clean at energy level: eating an animal means automatically introducing his pain felt during the slaughter. My philosophy is not introducing anymore energies deriving from mistreatment. 



  • What are 3 benefits you feel since you’re vegan?


  • More physical energy, clean spirit-soul, feeling better, in harmony with the surrounding world. 



  • What’s your advice you give to those who decide to be vegan?


  • My advice is trying to be more conscious about what we eat, because our body is the most important thing we have to be careful of. Knowing where this food comes from, what are the proceeds of slaughter on some living beings are the real reason why I took this decision. I suggest becoming flexitarian and then, gradually, increasing your food limits. 


Moreover, we leave here a very tasty vegan recipe you can prepare in just 2 minutes in microwaves:

Blueberry muffin


3 flour spoon

½ of sugar

1 salt

1 baking powder

3 spoon of milk 

1 of extra virgin oil

1 vegetable oil



Mix all ingredients in a cup, adding blueberries. Put into the microwave for 2 minutes maximum.


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