Story of a true love: Alba and Luca

This is the story of Alba and Luca.

She is a super blonde and blue-eyed 18-month-old girl with Down’s syndrome and he is a 40-year-old boy, single, gay and with a contagious smile.

The life of Alba begins with a terrible gesture of rejection by her mother and by seven other families consequently, but then Luca bumped in her life who has so much desire to become a father that in his proposal for adoption does not set any limits. So the court after a few months entrusted the little Alba.

“A disabled child is not an opportunity for series b, but a conscious choice with respect to my vocation and my abilities”, says Luca Trapanese.

“I was not afraid of adopting a disabled child. It was an idea I had in the past years with my partner Eduardo, but then we separated. Actually we thought we were going to have a surrogate mother, and then we could opportunity for a child that is difficult to place.

Since I was 14, I volunteered and worked with people with disabilities so I thought I had the right tools to do it , after the separation with my partner it was the option that prevailed for me. So I made a request in the special register that allows singles to adopt in special conditions “

Luca particularly wanted to be the father of a disabled child or a victim of violence. A decision that had its reasons and now Luca Trapanese recounts in a book “Nata per me”, written with Luca Mercadante.

Trapanese founded in Naples the association “A freewheel”, which takes care of the Down boys, and “The house of Matthew”, for seriously ill children, and also takes care of other activities for the inclusion of disabled people in working life in full autonomy.

Today in Alba’s life there is a family of uncles, grandparents and friends who every day show her love and make her grow.

“How will Alba’s life be?” “I hope she is beautiful, she could work like me in the social world, but who knows how to do a thousand other things, she already likes to sing and dance. She will go to school, she will have friends and I will support her.”

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