World wild life day: Stella Mccartney is the most sustainable brand in the world

Changing the system towards a circular fashion by eliminating the concept of waste, making sustainable products suitable for the world we live in today and for the future, using new alternative materials is the true mission of Stella McCartney towards the environment. 

The designer uses only eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials. Stella’s commitment to sustainability is an integral part of the brand’s philosophy.  

Committed to the mission of sustainable children’s clothing, Spring Summer 2021 is made with 84% eco-friendly fabrics including organic cotton, forest viscose and lyocell, recycled polyester and nylon.

In fact, SS 21 takes Stella Kids on an outdoor adventure. Stella’s love for animals, butterflies, big cats and flamingos, together with the carefree coastal atmosphere of palm trees and pirates, lead the imagination to the tropical adventure of the most sustainable collection ever. The garments, in fact, are made from quick-drying technical materials. Swimsuits made from recycled materials offer SPF 50 protection, ensuring greater safety for the wearer. 

CoccoleBimbi fully shares the mission of safeguarding the environment by ensuring a selection of environmentally friendly clothing. This insight drives innovation and helps us make better, more sustainable decisions.

This is an exciting opportunity to unleash the creative potential of fashion and one we are proud to be a part of. In fact, we realize more and more that choosing business partners aligned with our vision helps us reach all of our goals sooner and more fully.



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