Spread Love in Pride Month

From ’70s June turns multicolor to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride all around the world; a victory gained with strenght and decision.

Let’s focus on his history. First LGBT organization was born in 1946 in Netherlands with a fake name “Center for the Culture”, hiding is real goals from society. After Stonewall Inn’s  NY police riots in 1969, the first “Pride Parade” was proclamed on June 28th 1970, involving the major activits and supporters in a long march, starting from Greenwich Village to Central Park in New York of course.

On June 1978 LGBTQ movement showed for the first time the “rainbow flag” at the “Gay Freedom Parade” on San Francisco as a symbol of its rights and social causes.

Today the “rainbow month” is full of parades, festival, workshop, concerts and events to celebrate several shades of “unicity” and sense of love and family, involving people in all Countries.

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