Self-Portrait: easy to wear’s new concept

Contemporary, feminine and always chic, Self-Portrait get inspired by concept of femininity linked to everyday life, special occasions or just reflecting itself, satisfying girls and little kids’s modern needs.

Born in Penang (Malesia), Han Chong worked hard to get London, setting Self-Portrait in 2013. His creations rely on Alexander McQueen’s art, talk about luxury idea and romance but on the “easy to wear” concept too. Chong produced its items bringing justice to female’s body in all its shapes, taking care about details, embroideries, interlacements to be always on top.

It is the choice of so many celebs like Beyoncé, Paris Hilton and Royal Family above all (Kate Middleton gets crazy for his collections); for this reason, Self-Portrait it’s a real “e-tailer” today. Social media influences people’s choices especially speaking of fashion system; so Chong manages brand’s socials, having real and direct reactions from his audience which can help to develop a right and more appropriate creativity for his products and consumers.

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