Discover the new SS20 collection by Molo

Molo SS20 connects people who are part of the same family, that share the same DNA and same interests.

Molo SS20 is interested in knowing where we are from. To explore the past and create realities in the present.

This collection is about finding our own family and through DNA, music, sports, and travel we find ourselves as part of each other. We are all connected, and we also feel a big love and respect for nature.

Molo SS20
Molo SS20

CoccoleBimbi and Molo want to share the idea of respecting and safeguarding the environment, presenting organic kidswear, GOTS certified, that meets the the strictest social and environmental standards throughout the entire manufacturing process.


Molo is on tour with a family band, driving through diverse landscapes and being close, sharing our music, thoughts and the limited space in the car. The music inspiration is visual in record prints, mismatching tracksuits and band t-shirts in colour such as bright red, brown and golden yellow. Patchwork patterns and a tree of life print illustrate how different parts create unique stories. We are a family and every member play a different role, and all roles are important. We are better together.


The setting is the big city where we meet people who share our interests and dreams. We belong to a family tied together by DNA, but someday we form our own unity. The team spirit in the Japanese sport karate, in a friendly motorcycle club or in a skate crew lead us together, and we strive to improve ourselves and learn from each other. The boys are dressed in jungle green and black tracksuits or strong royal blue and orange prints. We create a family of our own choice and connect as a team. It’s what’s inside that counts.


We find ourselves on one of the wildest islands of Australia, where nature is lush with beautiful flowers and exotic animals. It’s a surf life – always looking for the perfect wave and feeling connected to nature. We drive away in the sunset in our beach buggy, knowing that profound friendship is to be found anywhere around the globe. All dressed in easy summer styles like surfer t-shirts, shorts and sweatshirts in lagoon blue, white, lemon, neon green flash and tie-dye print. Ride the wave of colours!

We are on a family holiday all tucked in the car, tripping towards charming Provence, France. We take a break surrounded by butterflies and summery petit fleurs, dressed in long floaty dresses, Breton stripes and bootcut blue jeans with a soft poetic 70s vibe. The main colours are Amethyst, blue and faded rose. We talk about the bonds between people, animals, and plants and how we have evolved together. We are all different but family – stitched together like a perfectly imperfect patchwork.


The setting is the Far East. From vibrant lights of big cities to the lush green jungle and dense bamboo forests. Our suitcase is packed with 80s inspired trackglam sportswear, stonewashed jeans and glitter skirts. A key item is an illustrated Friendly Fruit maxi skirt in pink, carmine red, green and clematis blue. Each day is a new adventure, and with a group of friends, we share the experiences and discovers who we really are when not in the arms of our family. We are yin and yang, friends and family all at once – living life to the fullest.

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