Pikachu, I choose you! – Discover the collection

Pikachu has walked in Jeremy Scott’s catwalk in 2018 during NYFW.

The designer conceived a celebration of pop culture.

Jeremy Scott e Pikachu

Pikachu is a short, chubby rodent Pokémon with a long zigzagged tail and two red circles on the cheeks that contain a pouch for electricity storage.

His name is a Japanese onomatopoeia “pika pika” which reminds an electric spark and the mouse’s squeak too.

He was born by the idea of Atsuko Nishida e Ken Sugimori, in 1996 appears for the very first time in the first episode called “Pokémon, I choose you”. 

The same year Nintendo and Game Freak created the videogame “Pokémon Red and Blue”, and since the Pokémon was chosen as the main character side by side to his friend Ash Ketchum, he turned later in one of the most recognizable icons of Japan culture and Kawaii culture.

Pikachu x Jeremy Scott
Outfits from Jeremy Scott’s SS19 collection inspired by Pikachu

During NYFW Jeremy Scott presented a collection influenced by a spectrum of pop culture icons, the current collection takes a trip down memory lane for the designer.

As a post-millennial Jeremy Scott references influence from his 1996 self, who drew inspiration from characters living in another world, in another time.

The collection was inspired by old polaroids which Jeremy took in 1996, experimenting with make-up, gender-bending looks and dyed hair created by himself. 

Mr Scott paying homage to himself is far from any form of narcissism as his spirit in the fashion community at large is an iconically influential presence that coins him as truly an original.

Pikachu x Jeremy Scott
Outfit from Jeremy Scott’s SS19 collection inspired by Pikachu

Iconic character features on vibrant tops, skirts, dresses in his Future Shock collection.

Pikachu x Jeremy Scott
Outfit from Jeremy Scott’s SS19 collection inspired by Pikachu

The pop-culture provocateur envisioned the collection through recognizable bold graphics and neon colours, which involved prints of cartoons and polaroids of Scott himself clubbing in the ’90s. 

Pikachu x Jeremy Scott
Outfit from Jeremy Scott’s collection inspired by Pikachu

Jeremy Scott has translated in a few patterns which match perfectly with kids’ imaginary world where he has conquered a place that will remain forever.

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