Talented, ambitious and with a great passion for design. Francesca Bellavita immediately understands that in her future she would have founded a footwear brand. The designer began by creating numerous collections of men’s and women’s streetwear for various Italian and international brands, but soon realized her dream by founding the luxury brand that bears her name: Francesca Bellavita.¬†Nominated “young Italian emerging designer around the world”, Francesca Bellavita was selected to be part of the first digital fashion week.

We at Coccolebimbi have been lucky enough to have the exclusive SS21 Kids collection made with the most innovative designs with refinement and 100% Made in Italy. The collection stands out for its prestigious materials and attention to every single detail.


1-How did your passion for shoe design start?

I have always had a great passion for shoes, obviously inherited from my mother. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to choose my own shoes to buy. When my mother wanted to buy me clothes that I didn’t like, she would say: “if you buy this dress I will also buy you a pair of shoes that you want”. So it’s all my mom’s fault. After attending fashion design at the Istituto Marangoni, the first time I designed a pair of shoes was a thunderbolt. I immediately understood that in my future I would have founded a footwear brand.

2-How does your creative process develop?

I am a very curious person. I do research all the time and everywhere. When it comes time to design a collection, it’s just a matter of putting my ideas down on paper. Everything is already clear in my head. I already know what will be trendy, what will work, the leathers, the patterns, the accessories to be included in the collection. I then show everything to my product manager, holy man, who every time asks me if I’m crazy and tries without any success to make things easier. After selecting all the components and materials, we then move on to making prototypes in the various companies.

3-How would you describe Francesca Bellavita brand?

Feminine and chic, but at the same time fun and eclectic.

4-What is your most iconic model?

Definitely MARSHMALLOW, the model inspired by the famous candy and composed of foam rubber tubes covered with nappa leather and intertwined with each other. It was born as a sandal with heel that can be transformed into a mule, and then be declined in other variants such as the ballerina, the slipper and now also mini bag.

5-What inspires Francesca Bellavita kids?

First of all, my brand was inspired by women who never stop dreaming, who love to play and have fun with fashion, women who have always remained a bit ‘child inside.But what, more than anything else, pushed me to create a kids collection, were the many little girls who accompany their mothers to buy my shoes and falling madly in love with some models, they ask me to create them for them.


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