Mouty meets CoccoleBimbi with an exclusive interview

Knowing more about the concept of the brands that are available on CoccoleBimbi is our mission: for this reason we are happy to share this exclusive interview where Bertille, co-founder of Mouty explains the concept and the idea behind one of our favorite emerging brand: discover more about Mouty here!

1. What does ” Mouty ” mean?

“Mouty is our last name! We created this label with my husband Thomas, following the birth of our son Léo we found that there was a big void in clothing men and boy.. This brand is our story, our family and it’s us Mouty! I wanted to create an ideal wardrobe for my son and husband!”

2. “Mouty and Paris: what makes your brand so close to the ville lumiére?”

“Paris is our city, we are pure Parisians! And it’s an incredible source of inspiration, the effortless and singular chic of the Parisians and this mix of street and elegance.”

3. “How should be the perfect store/container for Mouty?”

“There are several possibilities for Mouty, because even if we create identical clothes on the concept father-son, our two lines (man and boys) are independent and we can as well be sold in luxury child resellers as CoccoleBimbi that in a pointy streetwear shop like VOS in Paris. To answer more precisely to this question we are proud of our mini-me collections so the perfect store would be one that presents the overall concept man-child.”

4. “What inspires you in the process of creating each collection?”

“What is interesting at Mouty is to create exactly the same clothes for men and for children and it is also the interest of our brand.  I had fun combining the soft, comfortable materials of children’s clothing with the fitted cuts of urban menswear.”
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5. “Mouty and the environment: are you taking care of this matter somehow?”
“Of course it ins an essential issue nowadays. We work with a Portuguese factory that offers ethical and responsible manufacturing techniques. From the beginning we try to use a maximum of natural and recycled materials. We are also finding ecological alternatives to plastic packaging.”

6. “A huge new trend: MINIME. Tell us more about your men’s project and how is connected to the kids collection.”

“Actually, our brand is entirely based on the mini-me concept because the totality of the collection is available from 4 years to XXL with the same cuts, the same materials and the same top-of-the-range finishes. The idea is to design the perfect cloakroom for both men and lil’ boys.”
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