Moncler x Spiderman: new Spidey collection

Every Comic’s lover always had his fav : Moncler chooses a Marvel hero, for exemple, to celebrate sixty years from Spiderman’s first appearance. The brand released a new capsule with iconic symbols of its friendly neighborhood like little balck spider with the spiderweb ad superhero’s mask.

Ispiration’s collab derives from the last movie’s release Spider-Man: No Way Home which it will give us another rewatch next September 2nd, even if only in Canada and USA, with The More Fun Stuff Version: in fact, it will be full of inedits and cuts.

So Moncler decided to recreate iconic logos on its items (like t-shirt, jumpsuit, hats, jackets) that remind us to three Spiderman’s version (red and black mask) played by Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland for the last twenty years, giving a great worldwide success to comic’s house Marvel.


Come to find out the Moncler x Spiderman capsule on

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