Mini Rodini goes fierce with AW19

Mini Rodini ’s autumn collection AW19 Stay Weird celebrates kids that go their way and dare to be themselves.

The world needs people that stick out from the rest. It can be that they are unable to – or don ́t want to – fit in, that makes them different. 

There is so much emphasis in society to be perfect and that’s wrong, says Cassandra Rhodin, Creative Director and founder of Mini Rodini.

Mini Rodini AW19

The inspiration behind AW19 is a mix of references from the movie Stand By Me to the author Goethe and Cassandra’s childhood and presents original artwork and prints – featuring Flying Birds, Skeletons, Scorpios, Bristling Cats and Guinea Pigs. 

Mini Rodini AW19
Mini Rodini AW19

The prints with guinea pigs come from a picture Cassandra came across when she did her research for the collection.

– I found an image of Princess Diana as a child with her guinea pig Peanut. It awoke a sentimental feeling inside of me. 

Once upon a time, she was a shy kid that tried so hard to fit in.

Mini Rodini AW19
Mini Rodini AW19


True to the brand’s dedication to sustainability, one of the seasonal novelties is that the Mini Rodini Basic assortment is now produced in Tencel instead of 100% GOTS- certified cotton. 

TENCELTM is a wooden fibre that feels soft and breathes – a great sustainable alternative to cotton – produced in an advanced “closed-loop process”, with minimal impact on the environment and with economical use of energy and water.

Accessories from the AW19 collection

All collections include over 99 % of products made from sustainable materials yearly. 

By sustainable materials, they mean non-conventional materials that have a lower impact on nature and human health, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Modal.

Collezione AI19 Mini Rodini
AW19 Mini Rodini

In 2016 Mini Rodini started a Living Wage project, where they researched living wage estimates in the factories we source from. 

They then worked out a system to fill in the gaps and made sure the wages not only covered basic needs but would also cover personal development as well as the ability to make some savings. 

Mini Rodini AI19

By AW 2018, 37% of their products were made by workers receiving a living wage premium.

Mini Rodini and Coccole Bimbi are always by the side of the environment, both support the idea of selling great clothes for kids with a low impact for nature, offering trendy items made also by recycled products. 

Shop Mini Rodini ‘s AW19 collection by Coccole Bimbi 

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