Milano wears MSGM – Discover the new collection

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Duomo, Darsena, Montenapoleone, and then?
Would you like to discover a not mainstream Milano?

MSGM homages Milano starting from iconic Milanese bars, the inspiration comes from inside colours and from known signs.

So Bar Basso’s, Jamaica’s, Cucchi bakery’s and Pravda’s iconic signs are print on football items like sweaters, scarfs and accessories.

Jamaica look
Jamaica look
Look Bar di Milano x MSGM
Look Bar Milanesi x MSGM

Hooligans’ scarfs became propaganda of a different Milan, such as an underground one.

Bar Jamaica is born in Brera in 1911, it became famous for being a place where artists, photographers, journalists and poets met, like Cafe de flor Milanese.

Bar Jamaica
Bar Jamaica
Pravda Vodka Bar
Pravda Vodka Bar

Then, Pasticceria Cucchi, which was established from 1936 in Corso Genova, good for 5 o’clock the, together with Milanese “Sciure”; Bar Basso, father of Negroni spirit, located in via Plinio in 1947, and for a post-dinner the Pravda Vodka Bar.

Pasticceria Cucchi
Bar Basso
Pasticceria Cucchi
Cucchi’s Bakery

“When I arrived in Milan, I was at the beginning of my career, I could not wait to go back to my old town Rimini. Now it’s so hard to leave this city”, tells Massimo Giorgetti.

“It’s been, three weeks before the show, Maurizio Cattelan’s scarfs, those one with the museum’s name print on, they gave me the inspiration to do the same” tells Giorgetti.

Look ispirati ai bar storici milanesi
Look inspired by iconic Milan’s bars

“I was working for this collection as a homage to Milan, which includes sweaters embroidered with textures to city areas, when I remembered an old advertising, so it begins a wonderful adventure to contact all the bars for using their font, and I say that everybody looks excited.”

Look bar storici milanesi 2
Look historical milanese bars

It’s a celebration of a contemporary Milan with an 80s vision.

Look MSGM x Iconici bar di Milano
Look MSGM x Iconic milanese bars

CoccoleBimbi allows you to live the underground Milan, totally dislocated to chaotic and annoying city’s stereotypes.

Live Milan wearing it with iconic looks selected by our buyer Cesare Morisco for MSGM.


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