Meet the Buyer: the Elf

Ethereal, immortal and flawless: new Meet the Buyer episode inspired by solemnity and elven charm.

Elven race is known as the most elegant and admired in the whole fantasy world; wonderful and fascinating beings, they’ve always been symbols of unreachable status. Art Director Cesare Morisco has moved on this line focusing on a special topic, the allegorical imagines: elf is the incarnation and re-imagination of reality, adapting it to our society with a light sense of escaping to discover other possible worlds. This fantasy has been translated through the art of tailoring where imagination is sewn on bodies. 

Cesare Morisco combined nine looks between streetwear and dream using our exclusive brand’s items among Balenciaga’s track2 mini me version, sweatshirt by Fendi, Rick Owens’ trousers and also Versace, Caroline Bosmans, Givenchy. All captured in a flare that recalls their ethereal light marked by out of world outfits.


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