Meet the buyer Manga Edition

It was the artists of the 18th century, including the famous ukiyo-e master Katsushita Hokusai, who coined the word manga (漫画, bizarre drawings) to indicate their collections of drawings, but this term would not come into common use until two centuries later. Two worlds so different, so distant, but which actually intertwine perfectly.

What is Cesare Morisco’s Meet The Buyer if not a collection of looks, ideas, messages and trends?

So decided to involve the emerging artist EmmaLoveToon and create a special edition of Meet The Buyer: all the models of CoccoleBimbi become Manga characters. The looks? Obviously designed by Cesare Morisco and depicted, in detail, by the digital illustrator.

Sofia becomes an anime character in a Gucci dress, which once again this year made her GG motif an unmistakable trademark. Symbol of Spring/Summer 21 is Stella McCartney’s super eco-friendly bag that mixes perfectly with the recycled Mini Melissa.

Bold, gritty and super trendy. Flavia wears, for this project, a Fendi outfit and a hat with the FF all-over. A great classic revisited in a manga version, which thus takes on a super cool appeal, perfect for kidswear.

Mix &

Match for the third look of this special edition: the Msgm green t-shirt combined with Bobo Choses pants for a look that enhances, once again, a basic value of CoccoleBimbi: sustainability. The Manga version of Sara is embellished by the hat with the logo of The Complainers, the agency that conceived and communicated the project.

Next Spring Summer will continue to cover us with proposals and surprises. The Manga world is as colorful as all the SS21 looks, and it seems to fully espouse the trends of the moment.

Visit and discover the entire Manga section to discover the entire project and buy your favorite looks directly.

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