Meet the Buyer: Alien Superstar

A new edition of Meet the Buyer is here and our art director Cesare Morisco gets inspiration from hip hop’s queen of last twenty years: Queen B, her majesty Beyoncé. Her new 7th studio album “Renaissance” celebrates personal rebirth where third track called “Alien Superstar” was the very inspiring muse for this new chapter of MTB.

The single (track 3) talks about importance of being unique, dedicates to all American Queer world, showing the expression of yourself’s power: “’m the only one, I’m the number one” said Bey, just like free propaganda from all kind of prejudice that society stifles.


“Alien Superstar

we dress a certain way

we walk a certain way 

we talk a certain way

we, we paint a certain way

we, we make love a certain way, you know? 

All of this things we do in a different 

unique, specific way that is personally ours”


Our art director traslates fashion into this bars to express his idea of freedom from gender conventions which marks CoccoleBimbi, linked to Alien Superstar, our main character. None of us would identify the alien genderor could admit if it/he/she is good or bad, humans can classify them; so, we can talk about a Number 1, an unique being who is perfect for CB brand identity where free expression of yourself according to every kind of respect for everybody is the key to create a new better world.

Also, look talk about freedom and mystery: long dress with sweatshirts, gilet and ecofur boots, purple shocking sweatshirts, animalier leggins and shopping bag, Mickey Mouse press on jeans, coats on duvet necks with no name and no gender face give to public the sensation of no-category. There’s no filters or impositions in creating looks that are dedicate to all who want to use them like self expression.


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