Let’s meet Chiara Biasi, creative director of Matinée

Super cool, ridin’ new trends wearing a new success year after year. Matinée is one of the most wanted beachwear brand in italy: it reminds to freshness, it’s the perfect blend between fashion, sustainability and free self expression for Woman, Man and Kids. CoccoleBimbi interweved the creative director, Chiara Biasi for knowing more about.

1. Why you chose to stand for Matinée?

Matinée was a “newborn” brand when I took over it: it’s been my 3rd challenge in beachwear world, and I always liked to win challenges, I felt Matinée was made for me.

2. Matinée’s core mission is self-loving and free self expression. What kind of value and importance do your collection combine with inclusivity?

Do you know why I started drawing swimsuit more than 10 years ago? It was so difficult to me finding a swimsuit that was perfect for every kind of body, feeling wonderful and at a fair price. Moreover, the possibility to have every day a new swimwuit to show during your holidays without spending a lot.

3. How much did your brand is growing starting from its firts appearance in 2019?

It raised a lot. In the beginning, it was about a simple cpasule, today it’s a woma, man and kids collection with accessories and out-of-sea wear. During our path, we made some collabs with important realities who are making Matinée the more and more big.

4. Kids ss22 has three keywords: rebirth, restart and vitality, inspiring from two animals: tiger and phoenix. Why? Any connection between them and brand identity?

I got a tiger tatoo on my back and a phoenix on the instep: these are two holy adn lucky animals to me. I feel blessed and safe whit them on me. The tiger look over me, it represents the strenght and perseverance of all of us. The phoenix means blooming again, but it remind us that nothing ends forever till you decide it, it reminds me to never give up.


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