Internation Tree Day
Protect biodiversity, absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen and allow life to proliferate. Today, November 21, 2020, we celebrate Tree Day. At such a special and sensitive time, we should all reflect on the importance of our eco-system and come to the conclusion that the environment is our most important resource.

Trees live, think and protect us. They have the ability to understand when man does not live in symbiosis with nature and does not respect it. You don’t believe that?
Here are 5 curiosities that will make you understand how the trees are not so different from us!

1. Trees talk to each other.
Incredible, but true! Trees communicate with each other through odorous substances. The topics of their long chats? Obviously not trivial: the climate, environmental disasters and dangers from insects or herbivores.

2. Trees make friends.
In the book, Peter Wohlleben explains how a real couple of friends care from the beginning not to create branches too thick in the direction of the other, so as to leave it in the shade. Result: both form robust foliage only towards the outside, towards those who are not their friend

3. Trees know how to count
Otherwise it would not explain how trees can make comparisons with respect to the duration of the day. They count and have memory.

4. There is a forest code
There is an unwritten etiquette that trees, however, fully respect: there are rules that must be followed in the kingdom of the forest to be considered full members of the green community. Who doesn’t respect him? He faces problems.

5. Mushrooms are the wifi of trees
The routers in the forest? They are the mushrooms! The thin filaments cross the ground and weave a long dense network. A single fungus, over the years, can spread over several square kilometers and even connect more forests. Filaments, thus, become real cables that trees use to communicate and exchange messages about insects, climate, drought periods and other dangers. A real WOOD WIDE WEB, always online!

Coccolebimbi celebrates every day the tree and the whole nature. The choice of our suppliers, logistics and modus operandi has always been green-oriented. Not only a choice to become green branding, but a real lifestyle spread throughout our corporate supply chain.

Buy sustainable on and choose your favorite items to celebrate Tree Day.

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