Happy Earth Day

CoccoleBimbi celebrates the Earth Day with art

Class 2016: its Noah, or maybe known more as his instagram nickname @artistic_noah
Blond, smiley face he suddenly captured our attention as we’ve never seen, at least us, a 3 years old children so comfortable with colors and canvas. The story of Noha is very interesting: he doesn’t come from a family of artists, his mother is a housewife and his father works in the army but they are both the number one fans of their most beautiful “work of art”.
Noah, a hyperactive kid that plays with paintbrushes since he is 18 months old uses his “dripping” as therapy: not only for his hyperactivity but due to the fact that after a recovery at the hospital where they found out he had a weak immune system he was forced to live a more isolated life.
That room is Noah’s world, a world made of colors, love and freedom and as we all agree art sets us free to express ourselves without any limit and judgment.
CoccoleBimbi decides to involve Noah in the creation of a special item to celebrate the Earth Day: we asked him to customize the Earth Day limited edition dungaree designed by the vegan brand Infantium Victoria to create a unique item for such a special day. The dungaree is all made in eco friendly fabric and has the iconic clouds on the front.
Find here the creative process of Noah and celebrate the Earth Day every day!
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