Fabulous Families” is an illustrated book for children ages 4 to 6 that speaks of love through the unexpected adventures of 7 unconventional animal families.”

Fabulous Families – Love beyond gender and color

“All of our 7 stories are inspired by facts that really took place somewhere in the world. We just collected them, added a little sugar and a touch of color!” Guido & Francesco .

“Carlos e Fernando” – Fabulous Families
“Pinky” – Fabulous Families

We are Guido and Francesco, and we live in Milan, Italy. We have a dream: to become parents one day together. That is how the idea of “Fabulous Families” came about.

We asked ourselves: how will we explain to our baby from a young age that our family is different from most, yet equally wonderful? We suddenly realized that many parents are in this same position, because today families come in many shapes, sizes and colors.

We thought an illustrated book could help us explain that, but we struggled to find one that portrayed the spectrum of diverse families we had in mind without being too didactic. We wanted our kid to grow up with stories as beautiful and romantic as the fairytale books we grew up with.

And so we decided to write them ourselves!

“Mirtilla” – Fabulous Families
“Milo” – Fabulous Families

In a world where anything different from “normal” is still seen as suspicious, we want to provide future generations with a different narrative, one that is about growing up together, without discriminating or leaving anybody behind. We want to show our young readers that every family is a family, regardless of the number of parents, race or gender. If you believe that love is the only thing that a family needs to be called such, this book is for you!

“Amani” – Fabulous Families
“Ciro” – Fabulous Families

We believe that being fabulous is natural, that’s why our stories are inspired by true facts and real events that took place in the animal world. Once we find a story, Francesco writes the text, together with a unique piano soundtrack that goes with it!

In the meantime, Guido works with an illustrator and with our fantastic graphic designer Federico to make each story come to life! Each story is illustrated by a different artist: just like our characters, they come from all over the world, and possess a unique style and personality. And an extraordinary color palette!

But we also want our stories to be relevant, and not just pretty. That is why we work with a team of children experts to make sure the messages are clear and easy to understand by all children in pre-school. We have been lucky enough to find in our own enlarged family the support of a primary school teacher, a children psychologist and four very smart young moms that helped us craft each word and each scene. That is besides the love of many who have inspired us without even knowing it, of course.

Fabulous Families – Love beyond gender and color

Now we need your help to make “Fabulous families” come true: we are raising funds to print this book. You might be interested in a different book for your children or you might simply want to contribute to building new family narratives. Whatever your motivation, we hope you can consider supporting this kickstarter campaign and make “Fabulous families” come to life!

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