Cool and modern mum: Eiman Hamza

Born in Egypt, raised in Los Angeles and married to an italian guy, Eiman is a powerful woman and mother.

Eiman Hamza defines herself a modern mom and her hobbies are yoga, kickboxing, listen to rock n roll songs, cooking while twerking and dance dance dance.

We interviewed her…

Eiman: creative director, hot mama e influencer. What is the trick? 

Unfortunately, I have no tricks just a lot of help from Coffee, Music, A lot of dancing and No sleep and repeat.

What is the origin of the name Zeyd? We love this name and we’re sure it has a specific meaning.

The name Zeyd means “to prosper” growth, abundance and one who makes progress. It’s a strong name in Arabic and I’ve always loved it. I also love names that start with Z as I think they are badass. 🙂 We call him “Z”


You and Zeyd are very close: what makes you “partners in crime”?

I think every child is different and if I had another one I would probably raise him a little differently, knowing his personality wouldn’t be the same as Zeyd’s. From the day we finally got pregnant with Z I felt so connected with him and the day I met him and continued to raise him that connection grew stronger. I’m always around him, he is always around me. He see’s how I work, he watches me with my friends and my family, he see’s how I interact with people… I don’t tell him how to do things, I show him. We have fun together, he is a special child who is incredibly intelligent and kind. I want to continue stimulating his brain through our adventures together. “Bonnie and Clyde” ahaha


Zeyd has a strong personality: which are the best 3 things he taught you?

I choose my battles. Growing up I couldn’t say a lot of things to my parents because they considered it being “disrespectful” but thats not true. It is not being disrespectful to communicate freely in a respectful manner to the people you love. I highly encourage Zeyd to speak his mind even if he isn’t saying the things I want to hear. Parenting should not be a prison cell of restrictions, how will he grow in an atmosphere like that? He has a strong personality because he can make mistakes in a comfortable and loving atmosphere.


Eiman Hamza and the planet: what do you think about environmental sustainability and what are you doing to create a green future for your son?

At home we only use stainless steel straws and cups, no plastic. We teach him about recycling and the damage of wasting electricity and wasting water. The light is only on when the sun goes down. (Michael hates it, because he can’t see) Z really cares about the planet and at school here in Manhattan they do a lot to teach the children about being eco-friendly and treating the earth with kindness and care.


Egyptian, moved in America and married to an Italian guy: what joins the 3 cultures and which is your favorite?

I’m a gipsy! I am born in American with Egyptian parents and that was not always the easiest thing being raised as an Egyptian in America. I wasn’t allowed to do so many things that was “normality” for Americans. Then I did the unthinkable and married an Italian- the first in my blood line that dates back to the pharos to marry outside of our religion and culture. My family accepted Michael and even they now have adopted “Italian” things. I feel a true mix of all three and I love each one for different reasons and dislike each one for different reasons but it’s a part of who I am.


Zeyd is a little star: what do you wish for him? What would you suggest him?

I would hope something in music since all I do is sing and dance around him all day but I can imagine him being an inventor of something. He reminds me a lot of my father in ways, who is a brilliant engineer and an inventor. Zeyd is so inspired by him. I just want him to be a revolutionary kind of man when he grows up. He is so capable of doing great things and I just hope he does it with good intentions, not for money, not for fame because those are not the things that will remain for the future.


What’s “HAPPINESS” for Eiman?

Freedom. Traveling when I want to, where I want to, dancing and singing whenever and wherever, never feeling restricted. Free like water.




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