CoccoleBimbi turns 30

Today, 29th of September, CoccoleBimbi celebrates 30 years of career, a great achievement for a little shop in Rutigliano which was born by the dream of Isabella Saponaro.

The entrepreneur translated her great passion for the luxury wearing and kids’ world opening in 1989 CoccoleBimbi in Rutigliano near Bari.

30 years’ campaign

After twenty years it’s her sons’ turn, Sabino and Cesare, who influencing by their great passion for luxury kidswear fashion and the knowledge of their mother have created a real digital business. 

CoccoleBimbi30 campaign
30 years’ campaign

In 2019 it became one of the most recognizable and biggest e-commerce for kidswear in the world.

vintage clothes
vintage clothes

CoccoleBimbi changed the luxury kidswear world, transferring and communicating real values in every item proposed. 

From 2018 CoccoleBimbi claims also a fashion offer of cruelty-free and eco-friendly products.

30 years's campaign
30 years’ campaign

To celebrate the achievement, they found all iconic pieces by historical store brands from 1989 to 2019 that were sold to various clients and they have been used them for the new campaign which contains 30 photos with 30 different models.

Vintage Clothes
Vintage Clothes

The project direction was totally managed by the prestigious agency from Milan, The Complainers and casting run by Piccolissimo Me, which is a constant CoccoleBimbi’s partner.

Anniversary's campaign
Anniversary’s campaign

Today 29th of September #CoccoleBimbi30 campaign is online together with the new website.

For the first 150 customers online will give them a gift and a 30 euros discount with a minimum purchase of 100 euros.

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