CoccoleBimbi renews itself and launches its new website

CoccoleBimbi has completely renewed its look. On March 29, the new platform was launched with an innovative design and rapid and intuitive usability thanks to a totally cutting-edge technological infrastructure for an unprecedented shopping experience.

The new, through a dynamic and advanced structure and a totally personalized user experience, allows a unique navigation in which the loading of the pages is almost instantaneous: in less than a second you are immersed in a reality in which the moment of purchase becomes a real sensory experience.

Among the focal points Homepages dedicated to each gender, to provide the user with a natural segmentation: Boy, Girl, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, LifeStyle thus make up the structure of the new site, making navigation easier at 360 degrees.

Among the new features introduced we also find the quick addition to the cart directly from the homepages or from the product summary pages. With a simple click you are ready to checkout to receive your favorite products directly at home.

CoccoleBimbi has also revolutionized the site also on the content and visual side: new images that immerse you in Spring Summer 23, in an atmosphere suspended between geometry and clouds, which have always been a symbol of CoccoleBimbi.

Again, the photos of the products now rest on a light gray background, a color that conveys placidity and luxury at the same time.

There is no shortage of innovations also from the point of view of styling.

The Shop the Look, Meet the Buyer and Complete the look sections give further support to the user by offering them ideas for creating looks and therefore unique and never trivial purchases.

There will be many further innovations that CoccoleBimbi has in store in the coming months, innovations that will make the way of shopping even more unique and engaging.


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