Sapopa is the most innovative and avant-garde brand of the moment. Created by the brilliant minds of Piero Righetto and Maria Elena Ghisolfi, Sapopa is an active-wear brand that offers a warm-up and cool down, technical, ergonomic and super trendy line. Finally elegance, tailoring and active-wear manage to live together, creating a capsule based on solid values. In 2020 Sapopa launches a capsule for kids and chooses as the e- commerce platform for its first launch. Today we had the pleasure of meeting Maria Elena Ghisolfi, founder of the Sapopa brand, who was immediately available to answer our questions.


1)What were the factors that strongly contributed to the birth of a premium active-wear brand that produces sportswear and athletic apparel such as Sapopa?

Piero and I have two different backgrounds – those of the sports industry and fashion – but they are strongly complementary: it is from this synthesis that our sportswear and athletic wear was born, a mix of Italian design and satoriality, textile research and innovation, performance and sustainability that makes Sapopa a 360° lifestyle project focused on the value of physical activity in all areas of life.

2) How does Sapopa differ from other brands?

Sàpopa is – literally – the revisitation of an ancient Sanskrit word that describes an instinctive approach to everyday life, which inspires our idea of movement as a harmonious connection between body, mind and person. From this vision exclusive training garments come to life in terms of materials, fit and stylistic contribution, but conceived in the sign of the inclusiveness of the body and the needs of the individual: durable and quality garments, designed to meet contemporary tastes and lifestyles, transversal to the occasions of use and built according to the principles of functionality and adaptability before, during and after sport.

3) ‘What ‘s your goal for today?’  The payoff you have chosen has a precise meaning. The training concept takes on a wider value by mixing it with sustainable and innovative processes. So how would you explain Sapopa’s vision?

This is the question that Sapopa asks itself and the community on a daily basis: a vision that is positively critical of the moment, that motivates and inspires people to live sport both as a right and as a personal duty. In the Sapopa philosophy the concept of training takes on a broader value, which finds in physical activity the balance between training, self-care and overcoming one’s own limits, aimed at achieving personal goals in all areas of life.

4) The ability to build an environment where everyone feels respected, supported and empowered to participate fully in sports activities. How important is the concept of inclusivity to Sapopa?

Sapopa is a world, an approach and a life style. Through a regular programme of classes – at the moment mainly online – dedicated to the disciplines that best meet our founding values, we offer an inclusive experience in our vision of active: the our collections are made in a range of sizes that aims to make products and experiences accessible to the widest possible number of people, and thus to create a real community. Our idea of inclusiveness wants to stimulate the approach of positive mindfulness that sees in sport the moment of perfect balance between body and mind: we believe that movement is a holistic exercise that enriches and encourages in a path of awareness from which personal motivation and vital charge arise. Sharing these vibrations in a community system creates a positive flow that educates society to live sport as a right but also as a duty towards oneself and others. Among all our iconic garments, the one that best embodies this vision is certainly the Sleggings patented by us: the first model of sports leggings revisited also from a stylistic point of view and which contains a concept of free and independent femininity that passes through awareness and feeling good in one’s body – which is perfect because it is healthy regardless of size – fighting preconceptions and stigma including body shaming and more generally the instrumentalisation of a woman’s body.

5) A first opportunity for comparison with others, respect for the rules and fight against sedentariness in a society in which children are completely enveloped by a technological context. What drove you to launch a Sapopaforkids capsule ? How did you select the e-commerce platform for this launch?

Sapopa Kids is a small collection named and in fact designed to dress up mother and daughter’s moments in play, leisure and sport: the idea is a skirt for two, with the miniature version of our Sleggings patent that immediately evokes an atmosphere of play and fun, with references to girls’ favourite disciplines such as dance or paddling with their mothers. The new baby girl project is a concentrate of Sapopa essentials, and starts from our iconic head to celebrate the movement as an opportunity to further strengthen the bond between mother and daughter. Coccole Bimbi, as well as being a shopping destination of absolute reference for the latest kidswear, has built a community of mothers in which we recognize Sapopa women: they actively live the present, are the first administrators of themselves and their family and make responsible and conscious choices every day.


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