CoccoleBimbi is proud to be Italian

CoccoleBimbi is born from a family experience of sharing and challenging through new horizons which gradually have been exploring.

CoccoleBimbi’s aim has always been to guarantee an excellent shopping experience both in our store in Rutigliano and online too, but most of all we want to share professionalism, sustainability, italianess and contemporaneity.


Siamo fieri di essere italiani
We proud to be Italians

Fashion’s passion has always been Isabella’s recognizable point, the brand’s founder; who was able to highlight the Made in Italy’s value thanks to a perfect selection of luxury brands with a great quality.

After these, the torch passes to her sons Cesare and Sabino, the experience of sharing is became just a click away, turning it into an e-commerce globally known.

In 2017 CoccoleBimbi created a collection called Coccole N Clouds, the project included emerging designers from different parts of the world with the same goal which is the research and the common welfare; so part of the revenue goes to charities.


Today CoccoleBimbi is a well-defined reality, strongly connected with the Italian context of Bari for which it feels love and respect.

CoccoleBimbi keeps on believing in sharing positivity, which, in this exact moment in history, Italy needs more than ever; for all these reasons, part of the proceed of each purchase will be donated to the intensive Care unit of Bari’s Policlinico; which is one of the best hospital in the south part of Italy and is now fighting against the spreading of Covid-19.

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