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100% Vegan, digital creator and a great skill in cooking and storytelling, Andrea Capodanno is another name to be added to the CoccoleBimbi community. His Instagram profile is a real manual for those who love to eat Vegan, Healty but not only. In just 30 seconds he is able to make us fall in love with his dishes, giving us excellent advice to diversify our food-routine. Super in line with the values of CoccoleBimbi Andrea Capodanno, tells in one of his reels, a recipe for Easter cakes made exclusively for CoccoleBimbi, obviously vegan.

The Interview

FoodBlogger, a love of singing and lots of positive energy. Who is Andrea Capodanno beyond this?
Those who know me know how much I love simplicity, the love of small things often makes me smile and makes me very happy.

When and why did you decide to turn your IG profile into a real food blog?
I’ve been recording videos for several years now, but only recently have I started posting 30-second mini videos on Reel and TikTok.
The response has been very positive and I have continued with great pleasure.

What being vegan means to you in 3 words.
Vegan for me is love, environment, animals (but I would like to add many more)
An essential dish. Utopian question. You are on a desert island: no books, no mobile phone or anything else.

But only three dishes: a first course, a second course and a dessert. What would you bring?
Omg then: Paccheri al Sugo Fresco di Melanzane, Frittata di Ceci e Cipolle and … for dessert I would say Fresh Fruit.

Tell us about your routine.
I have to say that ever since covid came into our lives, I think everyone's routine has been severely restricted. However, I try to try new things every day, experiment with new recipes and sing a bit at all hours of the day!

The world of clothing is undergoing a major transformation, and producing and selling sustainably has become a must-have in this sector. Is it important for you to be vegan in your looks too?
I think it’s important to try and eliminate all production methods and unsustainable raw materials that can pollute the environment but also harm the lives of sentient beings such as animals.

What do you think about CoccoleBimbi and how did you get to know our e-commerce?
I met CoccoleBimbi thanks to one of its founders, Cesare Morisco. I think he, together with his family and staff, is doing a really good job.

Your plans for the future.
One of my mottos is ”Carpe Diem”.
I always try to live in the moment, without making big plans.
Although … I have my own dreams in the drawer.


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