Milano wears MSGM – Discover the new collection

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Duomo, Darsena, Montenapoleone, and then? Would you like to discover a not mainstream Milano? MSGM homages Milano starting from iconic Milanese bars, the inspiration comes from inside colours and from known signs. So Bar Basso’s, Jamaica’s, Cucchi bakery’s and Pravda’s iconic signs are print on football items like sweaters, scarfs and accessories.…

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Barbie for Alberta Ferretti


Class 1959, Barbie turned 60 years old and despite the age never trudges adapting to every social change, staying the most favourite girls’ toy. Barbie wears Alberta Ferretti, the Italian designer who believed in herself from her childhood, became a synonym of femininity and elegance once grown. She is the fourth Italian woman to become…

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Have you seen TrussyGrey? – Discover the Trussardi F/W19 collection

Trussardi Junior Maison suffered from a hard blow: its mascotte TrussyGrey, a little Italian greyhound, it’s gone missing! After plastering main world cities with flyers, nobody has answered and Trussygrey has left alone along the street. It’s been days and the hope of finding the little mascotte has been dissolving, so Trussardi Junior Maison decided…

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New school backpack, who dis?

copertina backpacks

The hunt for a perfect backpack can sometimes be difficult. It’s all a balance of finding the right shape, style, and size to suit a bunch of varying study needs each day. A student’s backpack goes through a lot.  Rain, sleet, sports practice, being dramatically tossed to the ground and/or dragged through the hallways—and it has…

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Diaper bag, the coolest accessory for new-born

Chiara Ferragni and her baby on stroller

If you have a baby, a diaper bag is the one thing you wouldn’t want to leave your home without. You will need a bag not only to hold diapers but wipes, extra baby clothes, toys and much more. A good diaper bag will hold all these and some mommy stuff without weighing you down.…

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