Fav Brand: Neil Barrett

The Neil Barrett kidswear collection takes inspiration from the renowned menswear collection and features bold contemporary graphic designs. With a focus on distinctive designs and high quality Neil Barrett stays true to the label’s rich tailoring heritage.   These statement-making streetwear pieces are instantly recognisable for their simplistic yet premium design and are perfect for the fashion-conscious…

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How to be a Green kid

What does it mean to be green? “Green” is more than just a color, is way of live and thinking that make you closer to our planet and nature. Why green? Plants are green, and without them the Earth wouldn’t be such a lovely home for us human beings. Every day, people make choices that…

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Cool and modern mum: Eiman Hamza

Born in Egypt, raised in Los Angeles and married to an italian guy, Eiman is a powerful woman and mother. Eiman Hamza defines herself a modern mom and her hobbies are yoga, kickboxing, listen to rock n roll songs, cooking while twerking and dance dance dance. We interviewed her… Eiman: creative director, hot mama e…

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Stella McCartney: the new SS19 capsule collection

For this season Stella McCartney will launch a new special project: a sporty capsule collection. Stella McCartney creates a beautiful story about the passion and skill of the UK based Valley Farm children, who ride and vault on horses. The film and editorial were shot by talented director Ozzie Pullin and feature pieces from the…

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Pokémon: “Detective Pikachu” is coming!


The world of Pokémon becomes alive! Here the first live-action Pokémon adventure, “POKÉMON Detective Pikachu”. A few months ago Warner Bros Pictures released a new, entertaining trailer for Pokémon: “Detective Pikachu”,  the famous yellow hamster and Psyduck duck are at the center of a surreal action movie.   The story begins when ace detective Harry…

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Brand we love: Balmain


  Balmain was founded in 1945 by Pierre Balmain, who was born in May 1914, in St Jean de Maurienne, France. Balmain has a place in the commercial history of French high fashion. He knew he wanted to work in fashion, but decided to study architecture at École des Beaux-Arts in Paris to appease his mother. But…

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